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You've awoken from a dead sleep, only to find that the ancient being discovered by scientists 5 years ago seems to have finally awoken from his own dream, and now intends to make your reality a waking nightmare.Coming soon to Kickstarter, Cthulhu Dreamt is a multimedia sci-fi tabletop RPG that explores a near-future Earth, where Cthulhu has awakened and begun exerting his otherworldly influence on the planet. This project offers a fresh take on Cthulhu by imagining the horror occurring in our world with technology that may or may not exist in the year 2034.You and your friends play a group of people who awaken from a shared dream, and are called upon by a secret government agency to rescue one of their top scientists. On your journey across the globe, you will fend off the rising tide of cosmic effects and otherworldly organisms from consuming the planet… and humanity along with it.Will you answer the call?

Cthulhu Dreamt: More Than Just A TTRPG

Cthulhu Dreamt is a multimedia storytelling experience, taking shape as a tabletop RPG, a soundtrack, a novel, and more. You can immerse yourself in the story through music, prose, and connected media—and then you can live the story!This game is built on an original D12 system designed by Adam Baffoni and written by Jaron R. M. Johnson, one of the lead designers of Monsters of Murka. It includes a fully playable campaign and the game rules in one book, including 10 playable specializations and dozens of fully realized, horrifyingly original creatures. This game expands on the mythos of Cthulhu while bringing it into a unsettling sci-fi future.This game is accompanied by a completely original and stream-safe soundtrack written by Fable Factory founder Reed Reimer, and performed by Cthulhu Dreamt. The soundtrack was written to be an audio story experience, which can be enjoyed with the game or stand-alone.

The hardcover edition of the Cthulhu Dreamt RPG book

Hear 4 songs from the accompanying album:

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An Unforgettable Multimedia Experience, Including...

An Accompanying Soundtrack

The accompanying Cthulhu Dreamt soundtrack contains over 33 original songs, and over two hours of music highlighting cinematic moments of the story. It also includes ambient and background music to underscore the different elements of the campaign.As you read through the game book, you will find QR codes that will link to a song written for that part of the story, making it easy for you and your fellow players to create memorable experiences as you read and play through the campaign. Music is a magic of its own, and when combined with the role-playing experience, can take the immersion even deeper.The music, which consists of metal, orchestral, and synth-based music, was recorded by orchestras around the world, and by progressive metal band Cthulhu Dreamt, fronted by Reed Reimer. The soundtrack will be available as a digital download, CD set, and vinyl set.

A preview of what the Cthulhu Dreamt vinyl EPs will look like

A Prequel Novel

A preview of the Cthulhu Dreamt novel

For those looking for even deeper immersion, the Cthulhu Dreamt prequel novel Entanglement is available as an add-on. Beautifully written by Chris Durston, this book follows two of the main NPCs from the RPG, giving you a deeper insight into the world you'll navigate in the game.Led to the middle of the ocean by a dream of a grieving, desperate woman, particle physicist Simon Greerson and his shipmates find themselves trapped on an impossible island as impossible creatures begin to rise.Meanwhile, Simon's colleague Sheena discovers that there's nothing some people won't try to turn into a profit. When even the end of the world is just one big money-making project, saving her friend might not be a priority for her new corporate overlords...

A Connected Online ARG

In addition to these elements, a portion of the gameplay intertwines with online interaction through the Cthulhu Dreamt Subreddit, where there will be interactive storytelling from users, as well as moments where the RPG campaign will bleed into the real world. We’ll also be sharing some behind-the-scenes content there; it’s a great place to interact directly with the creators and get a peek into the infinite alternate universes where other players’ games take place.

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Several EDGe Troopers, facing off against a hoard of eldritch monsters

The Story So Far...

In 2029, physicist Dr. Alya Mudamir, driven by a life-changing personal loss, conducted an experiment she had been building up to for nearly a decade, and it altered our world… imperceptibly at first.The experiment was developed using cutting-edge theorems and technology to bridge our world with a parallel universe in Dr. Mudamir’s pursuit of being reunited with the person she had lost. No one knows if the experiment was successful. She, along with her entire research team, disappeared, thought lost to the accident that occured on May 27, 2029.

A lone explorer encounters a horrifying fungus monster
A brain-bursting parasite exits the mouth of its victim

Over the next five years, weather patterns continued to change and grow more volatile. Human interaction devolved at a more rapid rate. Attitudes and social behaviors continued to deteriorate, and where some worked hard to cope with these changes—adapting to them both psychologically and, in some rare cases, biologically—others looked for ways out.

Now, the year is 2034, and the tension on Earth has reached a breaking point. Governments have spent the last several years in a preparation mode, but no one knows for what. No one, except perhaps for a very few with high enough security clearances or the right connections.Almost as one, large portions of the human race experience a mysterious shared dream, enigmatic and arcane, filled with cryptic metaphors, impossible geometries, and a hundred thousand voices from a single throat. Upon regaining wakefulness, the storm breaks.Multiple agencies legitimize sightings of creatures that, until then, had been labeled rumors or hoaxes. Gradually, communication is lost with different locations around the globe, and panic sets in.Then, you receive the call…

A mutated EDGe Trooper, out on the loose!
A medic encountering a strange tentacled nightmare

Project History

Cthulhu Dreamt began as a tribute project for Ripley, Reed’s daughter who was lost at childbirth.
Using Cthulhu as the proxy for loss, depression, grief, and all things uncontrollable, the world of Cthulhu Dreamt was an easy one to live within and write about.
Reed started with a song, then recruited other talented artists to collaborate in the creation of the soundworld. Writing heavy and varied music as well as an original short story for the first album (January 15, 2021), the catharsis was immediate, and Reed immediately set to work writing the next musical chapter of Cthulhu Dreamt: LIMINALITY (March 31, 2022), bringing on even more people to lift up and support this undertaking.From the moment Reed first mentioned the project to Jaron from Action Fiction, it was obvious that the two of them working together—as well as other talented collaborators—the world of Cthulhu Dreamt could become even bigger. Now, this epic multimedia storytelling project is a whole multitude of universes where people from all over the world can come to experience the journey and face their own demons.

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